Lemon Basil Mojito: Mom Themed Cocktails

This Lemon Basil Mojito is the perfect Mom Themed Cocktail. It's light, herbal and refreshing mojito for your summer days or any time.

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Hey, momma are you looking for some mom-themed cocktails? Then you’re in luck with my delicious Lemon Basil Mojito. It’s one of my favorites.




  1. In a shaker or large glass, muddle fresh basil and mint leaves with sugar.
  2. You’ll then squeeze lemons and limes on top of the mixture, then add the squeezed limes and lemons into the glass.
  3. Add in the rum and fill the glass ½ way with ice. Shake it up.
  4. Once it’s well shook, add in more ice and top it off with club soda or a lemon-lime soda.
  5. Add rum and lemon juice.

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